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Built for analytics teams, RapidMiner unifies the entire data science lifecycle from data prep to machine learning to predictive model operations.

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RapidMiner Turbo Prep

RapidMiner Turbo Prep makes it easy to get data ready for predictive modeling. Interactively explore data to evaluate its health, completeness, and quality. Quickly fix common issues like missing values and outliers. Blend multiple datasets together and create new columns using a simple expression editor. When the data is finally ready, create predictive models using RapidMiner Studio and Auto Model, or just export it to popular business applications like Excel.

RapidMiner Auto Model

RapidMiner Auto Model uses automated machine learning and best practices to build predictive models in 5 mouse clicks. Just point at data, select models to run, and let Auto Model use hyperparameter tuning and automatic feature engineering to generate the best possible model. Save the results of Auto Model as a RapidMiner Studio process for further refinement and tuning and to see exactly how the model was created. #noblackboxes

RapidMiner Model Ops

RapidMiner Model Ops offers an easy way for business users to put models into production. Users can automatically create robust scoring processes, integrate with other IT systems, manage and monitor performance on a model leaderboard, see and prevent concept drift and bias.